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I can not see any cams on tc because they are loading!!!!

When I go into tc rooms, I can not see cams because they are loading!!!! I don't know how to fix the problem!! I don't know how to unblock the cams. Someone told me to go to my settings, but I don't know where to go when I get to my settings?? Someone please help me out because I've been having this problem for 2 weeks!

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I am having the same problem.  Cannot see cams in room.  Just loads and  loads and loads.  Only works if I connect via VPN, and then after a while, I have to connect again with a different VPN IP.  Why wont this work without VPN?

What is via VPN?

Virtual Private Network.. LOL

Ok my network is spectrum, but I would not want to change network in order to see cams.


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This app on my pixel is less than good.
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