We’re very excited and proud to give you an early preview of the all new Tinychat Beta! Due to the many incompatibilities and declining support for Adobe Flash, we decided that we need to modernize Tinychat. We investigated many different methods to get high-quality video, with a low resource overhead, and finally settled on using WebRTC. We’ve been hard at work with a new, more modern version of TinyChat, and we think you’ll be excited about it too!

Starting today, you can try out the new Tinychat Beta in your own room by visiting your profile settings and enabling the New Tinychat. 

A few notes about the new Tinychat Beta:

1: If you enable the New Tinychat Beta in your account settings, your room will not be available via the current Android or iPhone apps. 😟However since this new version does not require Flash, some Android phones can simply enter your Tinychat room URL into their Chrome browser on their phone and fully interact with your room, view cams, broadcast their own cam, etc… We are currently working to update our mobile apps to natively support the new Tinychat as well.

2: YouTube and SoundCloud are not currently fully integrated into the new beta, however, this will be added in the coming weeks, along with many other features.

Remember, this is a beta preview of the new Tinychat, so some things might not work yet, and there may be some bugs. If you experience any issues, please let us know so we can work to fix it!

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