👋Hi there Tinychatters,

Many of you have noticed connectivity issues when trying to join a chat, not being able to see cams, or other similar issues. These temporary outages are the result of repeated DDoS attacks. Unfortunately some people just don't want to let people chat and have fun. 🙁
I wanted to assure you that we have a great team with a long history of experience in dealing with these issues, and are working to mitigate them from negatively affecting your chat experience. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, or have additional feedback you can contact our team any time by tapping the messenger button down in the bottom right of the screen, or emailing us at support@tinychat.com

Thanks again for your patience while we continue working to resolve this.

Update 2018/04/26
We've been busy doing a lot of backend work to minimize these attacks from negatively impacting Tinychat. If you use Tinychat in browser, you may already be seeing more stability. We're working on rolling out an update to our mobile apps in the coming week!

Update 2018/04/27

Tinychat for Android update is rolling out now! Head over to the Google Play Store to get it today.

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